社会情報研究 3, 1, 35-42 (2021).
Current Status and Issues of Practical Professors with Mass Media Backgrounds in Knowledge-Based Society




Policy of Practical Professor


In the knowledge-based society, there are increasing expectations for practical professors to systematize, disseminate, and communicate practical knowledge, and this is recognised as an important issue in higher education policy. In university education, especially in media-related courses, people with mass media backgrounds are being appointed regardless of these trends. On the other hand, in a knowledge-based society, practical knowledge will soon become obsolete, so practical professors are required to extract generalisable “theories of practice” from practical knowledge and engage in education and research. In this point, there is still room for verification as to whether or not existing practical professors are meeting these demands. The aim of this research is to collect basic information on practical professors with mass media backgrounds from two perspectives: ‘their attributes’ and ‘their syllabus’ based on public information, and to verify the consistency with the purpose of the knowledge-based society, in order to clarify the current status and issues of practitioners in this category.
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